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Apps only exist since 2008, but we already couldn’t imagine our live online without them. With the arrival of these apps – often free or downloadable for a small sum – bigger opportunities have been created, but companies have also been force to review their business model.  Wizzbit has for many years envisaged this trend and can therefore give you excellent advice on this. We have developed various apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

Mobile apps

Your website is in place, you’ve got a newsletter which you regularly send to a significant number of customers and interested parties and you’re active on social media. What to do next? Have your own app developed? Be sure to become well-informed before you decide to do this.  Where is the niche in the current range, how do you make sure that your target group finds your app and how do you ensure that your app is structurally used? We’re happy to think along with you!

Do you have or want an app? Good advice in advance pays off.

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